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Using IE 7.0.5730.11 with Win XP Pro SP2, I have the address toolbar enabled where I type in URLs to launch IE. During the same Windows seesion, the URLs I use are in the combo box, but this list is cleared when Windows restarts, which never used to happen before. It could be something set in the TweakUI PowerToy for Win XP that I'm using, but no option in there seemed to affect browser history, unless I'm just not seeing it. It could also be a corrupted or missing registry setting, but I have no idea what that might be. Any help on this is genuinely appreciated. TIA
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Open TweakUI and select Explorer (*just* Explorer, not one of the submenus, and NOT Internet Explorer). In the right-hand window, uncheck the box next to Clear document history on exit.

Per the description:

The "Clear document history on exit" check-box controls whether Explorer will clear the recent documents history, run dialog history, and typed_URL history when you log off.

This is a per-user setting.

Save your changes and close TweakUI. You may need to reboot to see the changes.
Greetings davev !

Some security or cleaning program is deleting your IE address history.  Disable TweakUI and test if history remains.

Hope this helps, war1
davevAuthor Commented:
I guess I should RTFS a little better. :) It's great to have people on here who know more than me. Thanks again.
davey, did I not post the same information first?  Why did you accept the second comment instead of the first comment?
davevAuthor Commented:
war1, I did disable TweakUI and the history remained as it should, but did not tell me WHERE in TweakUI that would affect the history, whereas souseram pointed me to the exact location to use. If anything, I may have split the points 90-10 in his favor, since you both provided help, although his was more valuable. I hope there are no hard feelings, it looks like you're running away with points in this zone anyway. :)
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