Local Security Settings Prevented Admin from Accessing Everything

I changed the 'Security Level' in 'Software Restriction Policy' in the 'Local Security Settings' to 'Disallowed', and deleted all the rules under the 'Additional Rules' folder. The result is that nothing can be run, and all system commands are now disabled!

I cannot run anything, including all control panel applications. The error output if i tried to run any system application is as follows:


Windows cannot open this program because it has been prevented by a software restriction policy. For more information, open Event Viewer or contact your system administrator.
and I am running as an administrator.

Is there a way to restore the default settings back from safe mode or anything?
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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saud82Author Commented:
The problem is that all executalbe file formats are disabled, so I cannot run any exe file. I cannot login to my pc in the first place via the login screen, or Safe Mode. In the normal mode, or safe mode with VGA enabled, It rejects the admin after logging in, and returns the user back to the login screen. In the safe mode, it stucks in the driver/service screen and doesn't run the GUI.

I can only access my pc via recovery console using windows setup. Is there any way to disable the security policies from the console, e.g disableing the service if it runs as a service? Or probably edit the settings from the command prompt?
saud82Author Commented:
OK I fixed it!

1. I used Windows Setup CD, and run the Repair Console.
2. Logged in as Admin
3. cd to windows\system32\grouppolicy\Machine
4. renamed Registry.pol to Registry.sav
5. rebooted

This will reset many things in windows, but at least I am in! Thank r-k for your attempt to help.
OK, I understand. Great that you got it to work. I somewhat misunderstood your original question and thought that you are able to run things in safe mode. Thanks and good luck.
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