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Any way that we can assign a Group policy for specific machines or users.


Any way that we can assign a Group policy for specific machines or users.Not by putting them in a seperate OU and other way to choose the computers or users individually?

4 Solutions
I believe you can create a security group, add the machines/users to that group, and then specify a group policy for that security group.
try gpmc.

you can easily assign permission that which user/usergroup membership can read/apply to the policy
It would be much easier if you could put all the users and computers that you want to apply the policy to in an OU of their own (or a subOU nested inside an existing OU if that was more appropriate and then link the GPO to the OU.

You can use group policy filtering, which is where you apply a group policy to and an object (such as the domain) and then prevent some users/computer applying the policy by restricting the permissions to read and apply the policy. This tends to get a bit messy though so avoid it if you can. see http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_tutorials/Group-Policy-Security-Filtering.html
You would be much better off making your computers a member of a particular OU which has all the GPOs applied as necessary. This is much better and neater than assigning GPOs to individual computers, which is likely going to increase your startup and login times, since there would be many more GPOs to evaluate.

If your reasoning behind not moving machines between OU is because you can't as your OU structure is already set up, then your best option would be to make the machines the GPO should apply to a member of a new security group, which you then filter the GPO object to as KCTS has said.


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