Some questions on setting up a New Domain


I have just started to setup a Home Domain.
1. Should the machine from where i am running the DC have static ip address.
2. First should DNS be installed or ADS.
3. Its taking the ip from the router.When i install DHCP on the DC what will happen.

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>1. Should the machine from where i am running the DC have static ip address.
Yes, especially if you want to run DHCP.
>2. First should DNS be installed or ADS.
DNS installed first, then promo
>3. Its taking the ip from the router.When i install DHCP on the DC what will happen.

If you want to run DHCP from your DC, then you will need to stop the router giving out IP addresses.
You CANNOT have x2 DHCP servers on the same network (I.e: else a computer would ask for an IP address and it would get x2 responses with different ip addresses, and get confused!).
Either have your DC providing IP addresses or have your router do it.
I would have my DC do it to be honest, then when you've installed DNS and or Wins, etc.. it will look to the DC first.

Say your routers IP address is
Set your DC IPaddress to & Subnet
Set your gateway to
Create your DHCP scope to assign ip addresses from up to (I.e: this will give you 252 ip addresses from .3 up to .254).

bsharathAuthor Commented:
I need to connect to the router as this only gets me to the internet....
Without the router giving me a ip i cannot connect to the internet.
What ip address is the router??
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bsharathAuthor Commented: is the router address

It gives out to the DC
Ok, do you want your router to be your DHCP or your new DC server?

I would suggest that your DC should give out the ip addresses.

So, if you statically assign an ip address to the network card on your server. Set it as, subnet and set the gateway to be
That should allow you to get to the web from your server.

Then setup the DHCP on your server and disable the DHCP part of your router.
Install DNS on your DC and you are away.
Justin MaloneSystem AdministratorCommented:
1. Should the machine from where I am running the DC have static ip address.
     Youre DC and all servers should have a static address (usually part of your dhcp exclusion list)
2. First should DNS be installed or ADS.
    I have personally always installed DNS after AD and its always the very first thing I do after DNS I also prefer to set AD as the dhcp server and this is why
     a. DNS and DHCP can work together and update each other if set up correctly. When a computer requests an address from the dhcp server the dhcp server hands the computer an address and asks basic information about the computer such as the computer name and then hands this information to the dns server. This will prevent the dns server from periodically asking the network if everyone is still around (enable dynamic update of the dns server for this effect)
     b. its not the dhcp server that you have to worry about having more than one of. its the Nat server and although it can be worked around with most implementations of Nat you can only have one Nat server in your network and its imperative that your Nat server  be in the same place as your dhcp server. if they cant update each other properly then it can wreck all kinds of havoc on your network.

3. Its taking the ip from the router. When I install DHCP on the DC what will happen.
     damn I think I have already covered this. well there is another angle that I havent covered yet. your network likely has internet access and its possible that you have some type of internet device that acts as a router (handing out address) I tried to come up with a basic solution that would cover all types of internet access but there really is none. If you post what type of internet connection you have then I can recommend something.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
1. YES the DC should have a static IP Address.

2. Make the Machine a Dcomain Contoller by running DCPROMO from the command line - it will prompt you about DNS - elect to let Windows install DNS - it will create an Active Directory Integrated DNS zone by default.

3. You should disable DHCP on the router. If if clients need to use DHCP then install and configure the server as a DHCP server - windows DHCP integrates fully and provides more control/options than is normally possible with router based DHCP

See for more guidance

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