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Sharing dialup connection. Win XP (sp2). ICS and Proxy server doesnt work.

Im having trouble sharing a dial up internet connection between two Windows XP machines (both running sp2).

-The two are networked together using a twisted pair cable.
-No routers/hubs/switches in between.
-File sharing works fine.
-Both computers can see each other in windows explorer and ping each other fine.
-Host computer IP is set to, client is
-Have tried setting the default gateway and DNS servers on client computer to no avail
-Have turned off all antivirus and firewalls
-Have tried Firefox as well as IE on client computer

When trying to use ICS, no internet gateway was visible on the client computer's network connections. Have used the network setup wizard on both computer a number of times as well as sharing the connection manually.

I have also tried using two proxy servers setup on the host machine. This has not worked either. No error messages or entries in the proxy server logs. The browser on the client side seems to just timeout straight away.

Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.


The host computer has no problems connecting to the internet.
4 Solutions
you need to double check whether or not the ip defined for the private network is set by Windows for the ICS or if it is set by you and as such maybe windows does not want to service any request on the machine sharing the connection simply set that to get IP automatically the re-enable ICS once this is doen windows should give you the private IP for sharing between your computers also set your other computer that needs the connection to receive IP automatically once they are working you can then go in and reconfig the actual IPs they must however both be on the same subnet
The way your doing this connection sharing is a little more difficult since your not using a hub or switch, basically you set up one computer first so it actually connects to the internet onits own., once thats working add the cable to connect the next computer then r/click the  dial up connection and share it.

Youll need an ethernet cross over cable if you wish to connect one computer to another computer host.
In this example, the first computer will share its Internet connection, therefore it will become the ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) host. The second computer will connect to the Internet via the first computer,
How to create a direct connection using Ethernet crossover cable in Windows XP?

Try using the windows help, in the first page look way down to Fixing a problem,
then choose networking on the right>> diagnose network configurations and run automated tests
you'll get a pass or fail in the problem area may help pin down where your problem is.
SM17CHAuthor Commented:
Neither of those solved the prob.
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Are you using a special program to do your dial up 9 AOL, or an ISPP that requires you to use their program to log in ? )

If yes, then that could cause the issue.

If you are using just a standard Windows dialup, then it is supposed to work.

Is NetBeui over TCPIP turned on ?

I hope this helps !
SM17CH: help us to help you, the more details you provide in your response the quicker we get results,
it's not like we are there so a lot of gues work goes on without your details.
Neither of those solved the prob.<< what did you try?
Whats the results of the automated networking test?<<<
That guide is very comprehensive.
Do you have an icon on your taskbar  local area  connections?
Is there a no conection or limited connection showing?
unplug the thernet cable top the other computer, does the host have internet connection okay?
Then your halfway there.
xp is so easy to network you must have done a wrong step somewhere,
SM17CHAuthor Commented:
Hi all,
Sorry for taking so long to come back to this.

We have had other issues since then. We reinstalled XP which sorted everything out.

No probs wow, I guess that is oneway to fix it all.
Thank you Smitch
Have a great Christmas

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