Programmatically Changing Font Settings in Application

I''ve written a VB.NET windows application  in VS 2005 that contains a web browser control  The issue that I'm experiencing is on some machines that the application runs on, the font settings are set to a very large font causing all text in the browser control to be rendered larger than acceptable.  Since changing the font settings on the machines is not an option, how can I programmatically change the font settings to application specific settings that will permit the pages to render correctly when the application is running and change them back to the machine settings when the application stops?  

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Jai SConnect With a Mentor Tech ArchCommented:
i have read some articles that you can alert the user (using javascript functions) stating that the font size is set to LARGE but cannot really change the settings...
Just a thought. The reason that the font may be set as large is because the users want it that way and would want it that way even of they are going to look at the pages inside a web browser controls isnt it?
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