ram speed

With a  motherboard MSI X38  and intel  E6550 CPU
If i use  1GB ddr3 1333 compare with 2GB ddr2 800 Ram
which RAM will help the system to run faster
Show me some prove
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Atlanticom_co_ukConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Yes, i was in the exact same situation as you, and chose a greater FSB over RAM Capacity. This is something i regret doing.

Your RAM holds temporary data from applications you run, these applications therefore can run faster because they can access this temporary data faster on the RAM, then having to get it through your HDD. If you have not got enough RAM capacity for the application to hold all the temporary data it will then store it on your HDD, no matter how fast your FSB is, its not going to speed up your HDD connection.

Only get a good FSB if you have:

A) The money
B) 2GB or more RAM Capacity

Otherwise a greater capacity and lower FSB is advisable.

Also note that if you run 2x 1GB 800MHz on a dual channel system, your RAM will actually run in total as if it was 1x 2GB 1066MHz.

I hope i have explained it clear enough, but let me just conclude...

2GB DDR2 800 (2x 1GB or 1x 2GB)

would be better than

1GB DDR2 1333 (2x 512MB or 1x 1GB)
NovitshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
2GB ddr2 800 Ram (1GB ddr2 x 2)
would be better if you work dualcore.

You should always try to work dualcore. Even if you want to use that 1GB (512MB x 2)
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