Installing Netware 6.5 on a new Dell Poweredge Server - will there be a problem?

Hello all...

A very general question.  We need to replace an old Compaq server that just failed, and we want to replace it with a Dell Poweredge 2950.  Now, of course, Netware isn't 'included' in their list of Dell's supplied/available OS's to install.  I wanted to get some feedback from others who have installed NW on the Dell servers: does it go, any particular issues, etc.



(PS While I love to hear opinions on things, in this case I would like to just get specific feedback on my question.  We are happy with Dell, and are happy with Netware.)
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Look on the "validated OS list."

NW6.5 SP5.  I'd recommend using an overlay CD set to do the install.  Since, IIRC, SP7 has been released, I'd recommend SP6 or SP7 overlay images for the best device support from the outset.

As long as you don't go with an IA64 processor and stick with EM64T you're probably good.

Although I haven't actually done an install of 6.5 on a Dell 2950, there shouldn't be a problem that I can see.
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