Can only delete some some contacts in MSN or Windows Live Messenger

One of the reasons I have sometimes preferred an IM such as Yahoo over Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger is I can delete contacts and even delete the entire account. It takes thirty days or so before they actually delete it, but it's then gone. With Messenger, I never am able to delete the account as it seems to be tied to my Windows Live ID or my original hotmail email.

But, my main question is when you go to options and privacy and you see a list of contacts which you have blocked and deleted from the main window you can only delete some of them. Even over a year later, you the delete option is greyed out on some but sometimes one that you couldn't delete is deletable. Is there anyway to permanently delete a contact that you added? And, what makes a contact deletable? I hope this is clear enough.
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-Mystique-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
One bit of information I found that may answer your question partly, although doesn't give an immediate solution is that blocked contacts cannot be deleted in WLM.  However, maybe you can unblock that contact and then after it is unblocked, delete it.  However, if WLM is like Yahoo Messenger, while a blocked contact cannot see when you're online, if you delete a contact that removes them from YOUR list, but they still can see when you're online in THEIR list.

This WLM add-on has features that may help you too. There are a lot of features listed for this add-on.

There are many tips and solutions to problems with windows live messenger given on this page, including management of contact lists. MSN/WLM Forum > MSN/WLM Messenger Forums > MSN/WLM Messenger problems/questions
This forum may have some answers, love the site name :))
This forum has some comments about deleting contacts that may make you decide to leave blocked contacts in your list instead of trying to delete them altogether.
Here's how it works.
Someone can still write you even if you delete them.
If you have them blocked then they cannot write you.
It's best if you do not want them contacting you to just leave them in the
blocked list.
Bert2005Author Commented:

I didn't see your response. Thank you. I will look into that when I get a moment.
Hi, i've had this problem before.
The case has been sometimes that the other users account has expired as they have not been on for a long time and therefore there is nothing to delete. What you could try is going to your hotmail account, (on and deelte from there, then try on msn.
I managed to get rid of a few that i din't want after a while.
One more soultion make a new group and add the contacts you wish to delete, deletee the group and it may say soemthing along the lines of: "DO YOU WISH TO DELETE CONTACTS IN THIS GROUP?" if so select yes.
Hope this helps.
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Bradzo3000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I also noticed that you said that your msn account is tied in with your windows acount.
To solve this. Go to start>>control panel>>account settings and from there it will have an option to change your account address. (so it wont say you have ne emails, etc.)
Bert2005Author Commented:

Great, I will try that as well. It just seems it would be easier if it were more like Yahoo. Open an account, get tired of it, and delete it.
I know what you meen, it does suck, and I know what you mean about wanting to delete your account, i wish msn would try to sort that out.
Hope I helped you.
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