Act! 2007 Email to Outlook 2003 Export Issue

I have been using the Act! 2007 (9.0) email client which creates an SQL database. Earlier this year, I started using Outlook 2003 as my email client within Act!. However, I have a large Act! "remnant" Email file that is "trapped", i.e. not transferable/exportable to Outlook.  I would like to transfer my Act! folders/emails to corresponding locations in Outlook 2003. In the past (using Outlook 2000 at the time), I have been able to open Outlook and Act!Email at the same time, and simply drag and drop Act! emails to a temp folder I created in Outlook (for some reason I couldn't directly transfer Act Inbox to Outlook Inbox, but I could transfer from Act Inbox to a newly-created file w a different name, e.g., "Inbox-temp").  I could D&D about 50 emails at a time without a crash. Now, however, I can't D&D and Act! Email crashes--even if I try to transfer a single email. I am looking for a simple way to export my Act! Email file into Outlook 2003. There is 3rd party software that purportedly does the job (but it's expensive). Any ideas for export options from Act 2007 to Outlook 2003. Thanks.
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
What sort of crash are you getting?

The which 3rd party tool were you looking at?
bfgllc123Author Commented:
The "crash" was receiving a message in ActEmail (after an unsuccessful drag-and-drop to Outlook) that there were no email clients set up in Act. This required an Exit from Act!, then re-opening Act and setting up ActEmail (again) using Tools, Preferences, Email. The 3rd party software wasAct-to-Outlook
 and there also is a conversion service:

However, I think I found a solution. In ACT!, using Tools, Preferences, Email, Email System Setup, if I enable BOTH Internet Mail and Outlook, the Outlook folders appear in Act..and I CAN Drag & Drop messages from Act! folders to Outlook folders in Act. BTW, Act!Email does not have port configuration options for POP3 and SMTP servers--which I now need for at&t--so I really need to use Outlook as my email client.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
Yeah, my next question was going to be: have you set up both email options
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