Sonicwall Firewall login

I have a SOHO Sonic Firewall that I am unable to pull up the login screen.

Here's what happened.

I was doing some troubleshooting and I turned off HTTPS Management. After the firewall updated the settings I obviously couldn't login to it via a web interface over my network anymore (FRUSTRATING). Anyway, I went to the firewall and connected up  a cross-over cable I made to access it via it's default address.

No luck!!!

Yes. I did set my local IP, Subnet and Gateway to match the firewall.

Any ideas?

I really don't want to reset my firewall back to default but, am running out of ideas

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thecomputerdocsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, that's the one....If you have that, you can use the link that budchawla sent you to get into it.
Good luck!
Does this happen to be the model that has a serial port for a console connection? That would be the only other way to access it besides resetting it.
If you need instructions on resetting the sonicwall, let me know and I can provide help.
peschelnetAuthor Commented:'s the model with the Serial connection.

I believe I have the cable...what do I need to do to connect to the firewall with that cable.


peschelnetAuthor Commented:
It's a blue cable w/ serial on one side and rj-45 on the other correct?
This page has a link to the administrators guide for the Gen 2 appliances:

And I believe there is a section on CLI settings & commands...
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