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Why does my Exchange database keeps on growing?

Hi guys

I'm having a weird problem with MS Exchange 2003 SP2 running on Windows SBS 2003 SP2.

The scenario is this. I migrated a SBS from an old server into a new server along with Exchange (at this time no exchange service pack was installed on any server), using the Exchange migration wizard to copy the mailboxes to the new server and everything went fine. After a few days the exchange stopped to work because the database reached the 16GB limit, I did a defrag on the database and was only any to gain 2MB. So I decided to install SP2 for exchange to take advantage of the new 75GB limit.

After doing my backups I installed the SP2 without any incidents. Rebooted the server an everything was looking fine. Only a few days later I noticed something strange on the database, it was growing reaching a size of 80GB, decided to wait until the next day and see what happened. Well the database kept on growing and its now reaching a size of 105GB.

Today I unmounted the database and started a defrag to see if the database shrinks to a more acceptable size, but it seems that I won't be able to do that; the process has completed 20% and the temp database is already with a 20GB size.

Does any one have one idea why the database is growing without any limits?
1 Solution
Do you have proper backup set-up? If not then database logs are jus being created and not deleted. If you run backup (e.g. ntbackup) it will backup the message store and delete old logs.
SHEEPAuthor Commented:
Hi Saldo2,

The problem isn't the logs size its the information store database itself that is reaching the 105GB size.

take a look in esm at the mailboxes and their sizes are there any people with huge mailboxes? do you set a limit for the size of the mailboxes?
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SHEEPAuthor Commented:

Doing the totals on ESM the information store should be 16GB, and the information store is now 115GB, that's 10GB larger then last night.

I would like to add that at this moment no incoming email is possible, because I disabled it, there are no users in the office or anti virus running on the server, but the information store keeps on growing now the size on disk is 115GB, 10GB more than last night

I decided to do an exmerge of the information store, to see the total PST sizes. My idea, once the exmerge is finished is to remove this information store, create a new one and import the PSTs using exmege.

Did you say there is no AV on the server?
Did you check public folders store? Do you have full text indexing enabled?
SHEEPAuthor Commented:

Public folders are OK pub1.edb is 13MB and Full text indexing is disabled.

SHEEPAuthor Commented:

AV is disabled at the moment, to make sure that isn't affecting the exchange information store

John TiburziCommented:
I'm having a simillar problem. I've just setup a new SBS 2003 server and after setting up two users (with mailboxes totalling about 350MB) OVERNIGHT the database reached the 16GB limit. I tried increasing the mailbox store limit to 50GB (it doesn't acknowledge the change) and finally increased the store (using the the temporary limit registry change) by 1GB. While I was watching the store just grew from 16,363,000 to 16,990,000 (at a rate of about 5MB per second) with no users receiving mail at the time. I checked again and the two users' mailboxes still only total 350MB. Any ideas on why this is happening?
SHEEPAuthor Commented:
Hi John,

I think that I solved the problem. On my case the information store is now stable at 125GB. The problem seems to be, at least on my case, with an Outlook client than when connected the information store starts to grow,  but if you check the mailbox sizes the stay the same.
I started to suspect this because last Wednesday, the database was growing and stopped around lunch time restarting to grow later in the afternoon.
During Thursday I went to the client site and re-installing the Outlook in one of the computers the Information store stopped to grow.

To troubleshoot if this applies to you I suggest you to close all the outlook clients and see if the Information store keeps on growing.
If it does then restart the information store service "net stop MSExchangeIS" and then start it "net start MSExchangeIS". Hopefully the database isn't growing any more at that rate.
If that's the case open Outlook in one workstation, do some operation like send an email, etc and check the Information Store, keeps doing this until you find the Outlook that's causing the problem.

Should this fix the problem and you wish to reduce the size of the Information Store; from my tests running a defrag on the Information Store won't help you. Again my suggestion is:
1) use exmerge to extract all mailboxes to PST files
2) dismount the Information Store.
3) rename the Information Store files (priv1.edb and priv1.stm default names)
4) move all transaction logs to another folder
5) Try to mount the Information Store. You will be prompted to create new Infomation Store files, say yes.
6) use exmerge to import the PST files back to the Information store.

Now the Infotmation Store should have the correct size.

I hope this helps
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EE Admin
We had the same problem and it turns out that a Client workstation had a 5 mb WAV files stuck in the Send folder with three CC's for a total of 15 mb.

Outlook Send and Receive settings were  set to check every 1 min.

So Outlook tried to send every 1 min the 5 mb WAV file but could not thus increasing the priv1.edb by 5 mb every 1 minute so that we had a 165 Gig priv1.edb file in one week.

Deleted the stuck WAV and ran Exchange Defrag.
I had this problem too.
My fix was to kick every user out of outlook and then flush out all queues (12 messages appeared to be stuck).

Probably a bug ?!?!?
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