No audio output device installed message after upgrading to Vista Ultimate on a Toughbook 30

I have a toughbook 30 and I just upgraded to Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit. I downloaded the drivers for the touchscreen and sound for the toughbook for vista and they worked. But I have no audio on the laptop now. Down by the speaker icon in the lower right corner there is an X on the speaker and tells me No audio output device installed. So needless to say this sucks I can't listen to music or anything now. I don't know if it is a hardware problem or a driver problem. But since it worked just fine before I upgraded to vista I assume it is something to do with drivers. And toughbook doesn't have a audio driver for vista on their site.

Any ideas?
Thanks again to everyone.
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From Panasonic website:

The driver for the CF-30C is
Download the Windows Vista Driver from the Toughbook Customer Care & Support Site :
I know this might sound crazy but this is common for vendors to not release the new version.  Do you know what kind of sound card it is and what the chipset is on the sound card?  I'm not a Toughbook person but if you can tell me that or send me a link that tells about that I probably can tell you another brand and model that uses the same chipset and we can use the drivers they have for it and get you up and running.  I just am not failure with that type of notebook and well I'm thing there site is very difficult to work with.
Sorry, I was using firefox and did not get the nice little drop downs that ie has...  I feel bad...  I found that first of all but did not get the nifty drop down which is why I did not see it...  

Click on Downloads,
Source Document Type Drivers
Then go to Touchbook Modem CF-30C

Sound Driver for Windows Vista  Published: 04/27/2007
Sound driver for a CF-30C/D using Windows Vista

Sorry my fault of I would have got you taken care of earlier...
dilligaftouk9Author Commented:
Thanks for all the help. I did end up finding the sound driver on toughbooks site. Thanks again.
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