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Cannot install FreeNAS - No CD drives listed

Last Modified: 2013-11-14
I am new to Free nas, and have just build the hardware platform for my first FreeNAS server.

I have an intel board, 1.6 dual core, 1GB ram, and 1 x 750Gb Seagate HDD, with cd rom.

When I get to the install screen, I press 7 to install, then I am prompted "Here is the list of detected CDROM:" but there are no CD rom drives listed under that to select from.

I have tried 2 different CD rom drives now and I am still having the problem...
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Bud DurlandDirector of IT

A couple of things come to mind..

Does the computer's BIOS see & correctly identify the CD-ROM?  Probably so, if it can boot the install CD.

Is the CD-ROM on it's own IDE channel?  Is if configured for cable select or master?  I've had better luck forcing "master" status instead of using cable select

If the motherboard you're using is fairly new, have you visited the FreeNAS forums to see if there is anything special to be done?


Yes, the pc sees all 3 cd drives properly (I tried another one after posting). I have it on its own ide channel and have tried both master and slave settings. The forum mentiones nothing about my intel board...
Bud DurlandDirector of IT

Maybe a bad burn of the FreeNas CD?  Was the burning software set to close the CD (no further writing possible) when it was done?


I burnt it from the iso, twice using different drives and speeds, I think the iso auto closes the cd... I dont think its a cd problem though...
Director of IT
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I have the same problem here. Any resolution found yet?
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