backup solutions for small businesses

I'm looking to get some opinions on backup solutions for small businesses. many of my clients either have a NAS or tape drive that takes care of backups. due the fact that tape drives/tapes are expensive and not always reliable, what other offsite backup solutions are good? do you think rotating external hard drives is a good option? what do you guys use for small businesses?

i also use for offsite backup, the problem is you are limited by the speed of your internet.
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
At a very basic level you need to do regular backups and store them off-site. Tape drives may seem expensive but they cost little in realtion to the value of the data and they should be very reliable.

As with any backup you need to carry out practice restores onto another system to ensure that data can be fecovered - its no good waiting until you need a backup to find it doesn't work.

if you want to go down the on-line offsite backup route then see

but these solutions cal also be expensive
I'm all about taking clients to an offsite backup solution.  There are many companies out there we do it for our customers and they love it we have a client ability to recover there own files and it works much better than babysitting tapes...  I would recommend a offsite backup solution anyday..
jasonfarmerAuthor Commented:
what kind of offsite backup solution? what method do you use?
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If you have the possibility you offer it your self with BackupExec Continous Protection.
I have ten companies streaming continously to our backupserver (separate virtual servers). Only the changes to files are transfered (Delta compr.) The first backup is big and I usually do that over a weekend. Every night Mon-Fri we put it on tape which is kept in at  our bank. This is realy easy money once it´s running.

Robert Lundqvist
Small Business Specialist
Tape drives are perfectly fine, they are still the biggest for of backup in the industry and will be for a long time, for a small business, tapes are perfect, off site is expensive but if you want to really toy with it, look at something like a hosted server, and double take software
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
You probably want to review my answer here:  http:Q_22718743.html

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