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Hi Experts,

I need to load around 20,000 textures into a scene with the engine.
The texures are in jpg format (average: 32kb in size).
In order to load the textures I'm going to need to shrink the size and preserve as much of the quality as posible.

Anyone has any suggestions for this?
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If you are not working with one particular engine as such there are some engines which will do the job fo you.

Try TrueVision3D Engine (It's Free for non-commercial use).

You can use it with most programming languages and it's really powerful. This wrapper works with DirectX.

Also, try re-using textures when posible. The jpg format can actually be compress to a really small size whiles not loosing a lot of quality.

Hope this helps.

you best option will be to "optimize" your engine so only textures which are visible through camera will be loaded dynamic
ST3VOAuthor Commented:
Thanks a million. Nice engine :o)
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