Cisco 7961 & TFTP on a Windows machine

Dear all,

I have purchased a Cisco VoIP 7961 device, in order to connect on an Asterisk PBX. In addition, Cisco has provided me with the SIP firmware of this device, in order to upgrade it accordingly to my specifications. Unfortunately, the installation of the SIP firmware needs a TFTP server. My router has NO special settings to define TFTP server on the local/home network that I have. Could I do it with a cross-over cable and a Windows machine with an Ethernet port?

Also, I cannot access the phone's menu. I was told to reset the phone, but never 'rebooted' properly. Cisco told me that I have to connect it on a TFTP and all would be resolved. Any help please?

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It should work just fine, Just make sure you put the files in the tftp folder of browse to it with the TFTPD32 so it can find the phone files so it can boot that phone up for you.  Give it a try and let me know what you see on the screen of the phone when it boots.  

Cisco's How to:

Kinda helpfull at filling in some of the gaps on how to's

To reset the 7961 IP phone to factory defaults, perform these steps:

Note: The phone must be on a network that provides an IP address and TFTP server address using Dynamic Host Configuration

Protocol (DHCP), and the phone must be powered through an external power brick. The alternate TFTP setting is erased when

using this procedure, requiring that the TFTP server address is provided by a DHCP server to get the phone upgraded.

   1. Power off 7961 .
   2. Power on 7961 (with a power brick) while holding the # key.
   3. The lines lamp should blink amber in sequence. Let go of the # key.
   4. Press 123456789*0#.
   5. The lamps should blink green in sequence.
   6. The phone obtains IP information through DHCP.
   7. The TERM61.default load loads on the phone.
   8. The phone should recover the configuration file from Cisco CallManager. If not, reset by typing **#** to restore the configuration.

If you do not have a power brick connected while doing the factory restore, the process fails because the 7970 cannot TFTP

If step 3 does not work, upgrade the phone load to the latest version. Refer to the Software Download and look for these
If this does not work, perform this procedure:

   1. Power off the phone.
   2. Hold down the # key.
   3. While holding #, connect an AC adaptor to the phone.
   4. Continue to hold # until the line buttons blink amber.
   5. Release the # key.
   6. Enter 3491672850*#
   7. The lights should change color from amber to red. When this occurs, the phone is resetting to factory defaults.

Note: It is important to try this procedure with a external power supply.

Let me know if you need any more help.
This guide covers how to configure the phone with the tftp server IP address

Asterisk will have a tftp server itself. However if you are not familiar with Linux you could use a windows one. The best is Solarwinds
LazaroWolfAuthor Commented:

thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I have no access to the phone menu. Is it possible to make all the upgrade and settings process alternatively?
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Did you try pressing '**#' to unlock the phone?

The guide I mentioned indicates it can be configured via dhcp aswell. Do you have a dhcp server?
LazaroWolfAuthor Commented:
The phone is plugged in the power socket, switches on and the line buttons blink randomly. The Windows machine may operate as a DHCP server, too (I suppose), hence I would be able to know which is the IP address assigned to the phone.
So you dont already have a dhcp server on your network?
LazaroWolfAuthor Commented:
I have a NETGEAR router, which acts as a home network DCHP server.
The only thing you could do is disable the DHCP server on the netgear and configure the one in Linux.
That way you can set the additional options which will tell the phone the tftp server to use.
LazaroWolfAuthor Commented:
Can I do the same in a Windows environment, connecting the phone with a cross-over cable via Ethernet? Thank you.
I am not aware of any windows software that will do it. You basically need to define your own dhcp options in order to support option 150 which the document above sais is requires for the phone. Some dhcp servers may support it but you will have to download an evaluate a few until you find one that works.
The built in dhcp server than comes with Windows Server will probably work but I doubt you have this.
Your netgear probably does not have an option for tftp.  I would recommend Download Tftp server from  this is the site cisco would recommend you use also.

It comes with a dhcp server as well and you can just add option 150 to the additional options on the dhcp and you are set it is no big deal to do with windows works just fine.  Very light weight and works like and charm just make sure you turn off the firewall on your local system so you it works...

Also if you have any problems let me know I work on 7941 7961 7960 7940 7912 phones all the time.  They are just a little tricky and each one has some unique issues when are trying to get it up and running for the first time.
LazaroWolfAuthor Commented:
Dear tkfast,

thank you for much for your assistance. Unfortunately, I experience several problems in TFTPD32 configuration. My PC has one ethernet port, hence I assumed I need to assign a permanent IP address. I opened the settings in the Local Area Connection >> TCP/IP >> Properties and clicked on the User the following IP Address.

I've entered these settings:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

Also, the Cisco phone is connected directly to the Ethernet port with a Cross-Over cable. Which settings should I enter in TFTPD32?

Thank you very very much
LazaroWolfAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much.! The phone actually worked and loaded the latest firmware from the local TFTP server. Unfortunately, I would like to implement some changes in the file, in order to connect to a GizmoProject account. How should I upload it again? Also, can't I change the DCHP settings through the phone's menu? The phone has to be installed in a local network under a DHCP server. Thank you.
LazaroWolfAuthor Commented:
I would like to ask another question: when pressing the 'Settings' button, the list contains only 6 menu lines; there is nowhere the 'Unlock Config' option. The phone unlocks only by pressing **#. Do I have an obsolete SIP firmware? Do I need to upgrade again in order to control my phone through its menu, in contrast to XML configuration file uploading?

Thank you again..!
anytime you unplug and replug the phone it will load from the tftpserver.... It does check every so often for changes but only cetrain things will change so it is easier while testing to unplug and plug in every time..
The 7961 will be controlled threw XML you will not have control to add edit of config lines unless you do it with XML.  I have listed above some sites that give good XML examples.  Try those out.  One recommendation is to try one change at a time and if you get an UNPROVISSONED you have a mistake so change it back and the only way to tell what you did wrong is to try it... Go Cisco.
LazaroWolfAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for your responses. Sorry to be tiring, but the whole thing is extremely difficult. The phone is now operating, without the unprovisioned notice. However, it keeps trying to register to the GizmoProject service which I configured without success. Also, the firmware installed contains these files:


Is this the latest firmware? Which version is that? Thank you!
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