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External USB Hardrive Failure?

mike_oram asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-14
We have just had a power failure, since when connectivity to an external hard drive (USB connection) cannot now be made. If I recall correctly, there was a PC message along the lines
"Windows - Delayed Write failed...the data may have been lost..."

When I seek to reconnect, the HD seems to make clicking noised but is not found by the PC.

Is there any way to re-connect? The external HD is a Freecom Classic, 120 GB.
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clicking noise coming from a hard drive is very bad news. the head is stuck and cannot access the data.
if it were mine I would give it a sharp knock whiles clicking to the side of the drive (not on wide top)
if its less than 3 years, the manufacturer will replace it


Further inforomation related to my question..
Upon checking in the Device Manager, the Properties for the " USB Mass Storage Device" seem to be switching between the following two messages:
1. "No drivers are installed for this device"
2. " This device cannot start (code 10)"
When you connect the usb drive, what does the system event log say?  Any warnings or errors?  To get to the event log http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308427

The clicking noise is not a good sign.  If the hard drive is clicking, then it has probably crashed and the PC cannot tell what the media is, therefore not open it.


Copy of recent Event log:
Type      Date      Time      Source      Category      Event      User      Computer
Information      14/10/2007      13:07:44      eventlog      None      6006      N/A      YOUR-C552D736A0
Error      14/10/2007      13:05:54      Service Control Manager      None      7001      N/A      YOUR-C552D736A0
Error      14/10/2007      13:05:54      Service Control Manager      None      7001      N/A      YOUR-C552D736A0
Error      14/10/2007      13:05:54      Service Control Manager      None      7001      N/A      YOUR-C552D736A0
Error      14/10/2007      13:05:54      Service Control Manager      None      7001      N/A      YOUR-C552D736A0
Error      14/10/2007      13:05:34      DCOM      None      10005      Hampi&Shimmi      YOUR-C552D736A0
Error      14/10/2007      13:05:26      DCOM      None      10005      SYSTEM      YOUR-C552D736A0
Error      14/10/2007      13:05:25      DCOM      None      10005      Hampi&Shimmi      YOUR-C552D736A0
Information      14/10/2007      13:04:36      eventlog      None      6005      N/A      YOUR-C552D736A0
Open the 7001 error and see what the description says.  It may lead to some more information.

there's nothing wrong with your PC - the USB drive cannot be accessed becuase that clicking noise indicates a hardfailure -
goto the freecom site and check under support - I've had hardware problems with freecom - although you'll lose your data they will replace it is you qualify.

The clicking noise of a hard drive not always suggest a hard drive failure, in many cases is also a bad power supply. Remove your hard drive from the USB enclosure and connect it directly inside a computer if that is possible. If the drive works this way buy another external enclosure without a HDD in it.

the clicking noise is always the Hard drive - What is meant by  a "bad power supply" ? and how amny have you seen ?  
I spend my time repairing PCs and the "clicking HD" is always down to a head problem on the hard drive

I have seen a lot of them believe me, including my own HDD, the drive starts to spin up and then makes a clicking noise similar to the one you hear when a good hard drive is powered off. This cycle repeats as long as the hard drive is powered. Also it seems more likely to end up with a broken power supply after a bad experience with the electric utility company rather than a head stuck. Anyway checking this wont do any harm unless the enclosure is still under warranty and you are not allowed to remove the drive from it.
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