what is spui.nscanada.mercurial.ca....

brand new hp media center edition laptop, windows xp, when i try to change web pages  I get this message....connection refused when trying to contact spui.nscanada.mercurial.ca
I have never heard of this site..  I notice that the nescape is not the nescape USA but a new one netscape Canada.  When the error appears I have to click ok on it and right after that a second apppear and I have to click on it also before  I get the site I wanted.  please help ......
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That URL is something that netscape is trying to access to record usage data, or for some other reason.  The company that runs mercurial.ca moved or shut down that spui site and that is why you are seeing the errors.  You just need to upgrade netscape (get the latest USA version from their web site), or use if you just want the browser part get firefox, or use IE.

FireFox is the best. It caused you less trouble. Check this link to download and install FireFox:

basket44Author Commented:
thank you both....my last  laptop had nescape 7.2 and was good.   Ive just updated as my keys were falling off.     Thiis has netscape canada browser. not usa.   I  put  in the nescape 7.2  again. .  I'm happy once again.   I'm grateful!!!!!!
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