missing dll on installation windows sbs 2000

I am performing a new SBS 2000 installation. During the process of copying
files from Disk 1, an error message occurs stating the WINSRV.DL_ cannot be
copied because it is missing. It prompts to either retry, skip, or exit

It appears that it is attempting to pull this file from a folder called SVCPACK. On examination of this folder it only contains a file called Bosprep.exe.

Will i need to add files into this folder in order to complete the installation. Anyone with any experience of this please let me know your thoughts.

I know i should upgrade straight to sbs 2003 but we need to install this version first to test with an application that may be fragile. Thanks.
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
If you have a fragile application, then why even consider installing it on your SBS 2003?  Instead you can run Virtual Server with a separate Windows 2000 Pro Virtual Machine, which is one of the great uses of Virtual Servers.

You really don't want a 3rd party shared application running on your SBS if you can avoid it anyhow.

sunny-jAuthor Commented:
Problem solved. It was the media and possibly the smartstart disk. All sorted now. Thanks for the advise on the virtual servers. I will look at that when back to stable systems.
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