Printing postscript file to disk from VBA

I am working in VBA MS Excel, opening up an MS Access object and then printing reports.  I want to print to a file.  I will use ghostwriter, I guess, to convert a postscript file to PDF.  But for now, I want to print a range of pages to a file.  

I've been reading posts and going all over the place on this.  It seems like it should be easy.  I'm trying to set up a printer that will print to a file and can't do it.  How do I set up a printer that will print a postscript file to the hard drive?

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Have you considered saving the report as an rtf file and opening it as a document in Word?

You print to a file in Word
dougfosterNYCAuthor Commented:
This is for my client, and he is clear what he wants.  He wants a PDF in the end.  This is a series of reports for his client.  There will be dozens of files, so the process has to be automated.

My client uses ghostscript, which seems like a good product.  All I need to do is get it to a postscript file and then it's a one line shell command to have ghostscript convert it to PDF.

It's weird, it really shouldn't be hard to do this.  Save a file to Postscript in vba.
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