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i have a small microsoft network, consist of 15 XP workstations. I had another windows XP system with share folders. Everytime those 15 XP workstations tries to access the shared folders it requests a login/password. Is there any ways to remove the login/password request?? i remember going into the registery and removing it before but cant remember. can anyone help??

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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
If you setup users accounts for all users on all machines with the same passwords that will do the job.

+ make sure that when you connect to a resource on another computer you tick the "remember password" option.

aslo see

In the sharing tab of the shared folder properties page, It should have a Permission button, click on it and grant Full Control permission to "Everyone" user
You can also setup simple file sharing and it will act similar to the the older win9X shares.   Only needing a read/full password is they are not left blank.

Here's THe KB for configuring simple file sharing
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