In-house e-mail solutions.

What is the best solution for in house e-mail that would work over VPN to two branch sites?  This would be for 50 to 75 users.  They would need access from within the office and remotely.
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An Exchange server at one of your sites would be accessible by users running Outlook at both sites by VPN with no issues. Outlook Cached Exchange Mode, supported by both Exchange and Outlook 2003 & 2007 caches mail on local computers, so it is retrieved from the local cache rather than everything passing over your VPN, speeding things up. I wouldn't recommend anything other than Exchange, in my opinion Exchange is a brilliant email package, especially since it has a GUI!

If you have the budget, then you could have an Exchange server at both sites. Mailboxes for users at site1 would be on the site1 server, and site2 users at site2 and that would obviously speed things up. You would install them in to the same Exchange organization so there's no issues with internal or external emails - Exchange will route it to the necessary server holding the recipients' mailbox automatically.

I agree with Matt, and will only add one more thing;

With Exchange "outlook anywhere" function, no matter where your users are, if they open up outlook on their laptop, it will connect to the server as if they were in the office.

For me, that feature alone is worth it's weight in gold.

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