Windows Small Business Server Error: "A large amount of memory is committed to applications and processes."

I am new to the world of servers and I do not know how to diagnose this error:

I recently set up a Dell PowerEdge 1900 machine with Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2.  For the last few days, the server has been generating the following error at least twice a day:

"A large amount of memory is committed to applications and processes. Consistently high memory usage can cause performance problems.

To determine which processes and applications are using the most memory, use Task Manager. Monitor the activity of these resources over a few days. If they continue to use a high level of memory and are less critical processes or services, try stopping and then restarting them.

You can disable this alert or change its threshold by using the Change Alert Notifications task in the Server Management Monitoring and Reporting taskpad."

I have 2 GB of RAM in this machine.

The "Allocated Memory" monitoring setting seems to be appropriate: it alerts me if the average value of Committed Bytes is greater than 2147483648 at least 10 times in a row (10 mins).

The Task Manager gives me the following information:
Page File usage: 2.16 GB
Commit Charge (K) / Total: 2276124
Commit Charge (K) / Limit: 4038512
Commit Charge (K) / Peak: 2338876

However, the processes list only shows a handful of images, and their "Mem Usage" only adds up to ~86 MB of usage.  I also have not installed anything on this server.

I cannot identify what could be using so much memory on this server.

Thanks in advance for your input and assistance.
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OK... don't panic
here you will find a procedure for limiting the amount of memory used by SQL
The SQL isn't installed as server standard to be used, but only for monitoring and  reporting. So you can limit memory to 100Mb for each instance.

Good luck

In task manager check Show processes from all users.
Then reply with all processes that consume more than 100 Mb.

MrDotDotAuthor Commented:
Wow.  "sqlservr.exe" is using over 1 GB of memory.  "store.exe" is using 103 MB.

I have the standard edition of Small Business Server; I thought it did not include SQL server.
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
The definitive resource for this error message is here:

It's quite normal, and you need to adjust things to your specific configuration.

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