Unable to install Windows SBS 2003 SP2

I'm running Windows Server Small Business Server 2003. For months I've been unable to install SP2 because I get the following message "Unable the verify the integrity of the file update.inf".

I've worked through numerous procedures listed at Microsoft, like checking the Cryptographic Service, renaming Catroot2, unregistering and re-registering DLL's. The document I used had about 10 steps.

I've also downloaded SP2 manually and got the same results.

I did read one article that talked about installing Windows 2003 Server SP, then Windows 2003 SBS SP, but I didn't want to get into that before understanding this better.

I have heard that it could be related the hot fixes, and there must be al least 60 hot fixes on this server.

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Dave StringfellowConnect With a Mentor IT managerCommented:
i had about 9 servers all do this to me over my customer base, i followed these 2, and fixed all of them.

Solution 1:

1. Click Start -> Run and type "cmd" (without quotes) and press Enter.
2. Run this command in the command prompt: Net stop Cryptsvc
3. Go to C:\Windows\system32\catroot2 and rename Edb.log to Edb.txt.
4. Click Start -> Run and type "cmd" (without quotes) and press Enter.
5. Run this command: Net start Cryptsvc
6. Reboot the server.
7. Install the Service Pack 2 (Win 2003 SP2) again.
There is a chance that you may get the error again. If so, go to Solution 2.

Solution 2:

1. Create a folder on the desktop and name it "temp" (without quotes.)
2. Go to C:\Windows\system32\CatRoot folder.
3. Press "F3" on your keyboard (Search the folder for files/directories.)
4. Search for "tmp*.cat, KB*.cat" (without quotes.) Make sure you search for all files and folders in CatRoot folder.
5. Move all the files to temp folder on the desktop.
6. Reboot the system.
7. Install Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 again after the server restarts.

good luck :)
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