DELL 1501 Boot Problems

I have a Dell 1501 laptop, only a few months old. My daughter was using it on battery power and it went completely flat. Now if I boot it either with battery power or AC I get a message "Battery not recognised" and it won't continue to boot unless I press F12 and run the Broadcom boot. Although this doesn't actually do anything, it does allow the system to continue booting. I can't find anything wrong with the battery or the AC adapter.
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Boot computer without battery till it starts windows then place the battery while computer is running (do not shut it down) and tell me what happens
Boot from AC only remove the battery first then plug in AC.
Does that help
philreedwaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help. Works fine when battery is removed. Tried recharging overnight and still get problem. Looks like I need a new battery!
Thanks glad you have resolved this without any problems to your system.

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