Toughbook 30 Touchscreen Calibration needed. Off by about one inch.

I have a toughbook 30 with Windows Vista Ultimate. I downloaded the newest driver for the touchscreen and the screen is off by about 1/2 to one inch. I need to calibrate the touchscreen but I can't find how to do it anywhere. Thanks for the help.
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A. Click [start] - [All Programs] - [Fujitsu Touch Panel (USB)] - [Touch Screen
Calibration Utility].
B. Using the stylus, touch each of the 12 + target marks one by one until it
blinks, and then click [Calibration].
C. Click [Save & Exit].


I am trying to get my calibration working but whenever I remove the user from the local Administrators group the calibration is off and the calibration tools doesn't help.  Any ideas?
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