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PHP date/time function formating

I am building a web site to track the amount of time spent on a project. basicly it has a form that when i click the submit button it records the time into a sql database as a start time, then the next click as a stop time. I am doing this in PHP and MYSQL. when it records the data, it is the number of seconds since jan 1 1970 useing the time() function.

I created a report to list the times and i use the format print date("g:i:s a", $items["start"]) and that give me the time it was recorded. and then at the end of the report i have it total up the records and i get the total seconds useing the function print date("h:i:s",$total). again it works but my hours are always set at 6. I am guessing that this is because of the time zone differance. i am in CST. is there a work around for this? or is there a better way to handle this?

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try gmdate http://www.php.net/gmdate

Or write you own function to print out the seconds. Guess information will also be lost if the total exceeds 24h which will start from 0 again.
Since you are calculating time and not a specific date in and of itself, I would make a function to break the # of seconds into seconds, hours, and minutes. What the date function is returning for you is the date that corresponds with the # of seconds after 0 in timestamp. You are just computing time...

For carrying through reports, I would leave the time in seconds, and just format the output when needed for display...

something like

function timedisplay ($numseconds)  {
   $temptime = $numseconds;
   $hours = floor($temptime/3600);
   $temptime = $temptime%3600;
   $minutes = floor($temptime/60);
   $temptime = $temptime%60;
   $seconds = $temptime;
   echo( $hours . ":" . $minutes . ":" . $seconds);

Use the above as a starter for where to go to calculate the time yourself, namely note the floor() and modulo (%) function.

If you wanted to show days, you could using the same technique. But, I would guess if this is a billing application, you want everything in hours. However, if you are counting days, I think you can get that from this, too.
djinnrutgerAuthor Commented:
Worked Perfect!

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