TeraStation Pro compatible with Hitachi 7K1000 ?


I would like to extend our TeraStation Pro (model HTGL) NAS appliance as it is only 650 GB at the moment in RAID5.
I'm considering buying 4 drives like the Hitachi 7K1000 each having a capacity of 1TB.


Can somebody please confirm that these disks are compatible with my appliance ?

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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Well ... Buffalo offers the TeraStation Pro II models in capacities ranging from 1.0GB to 4.0GB [I presume you have the 1.0GB, which should provide 750GB in RAID-5 mode --> not sure why you indicated 650GB] ==> which clearly indicates it CAN support 4 1TB drives.

The problem is there's no way of knowing whether or not the firmware in the box is the same for the varying capacities (I would think it is) ... and if it's not, then the unit would most likely not support those drives.   One thing IS clear:  the box clearly supports 48-bit logical block addressing (since the current drives are 250GB) ... so there's no technical reason why it shouldn't work with 1TB drives.

... you either need to get Buffalo to confirm their firmware's capabilities ==> or simply put in 4 of the 1TB drives and see what happens :-)       My best guess is that it will work just fine;  but I don't know that for certain.
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