Archiving emails from private mailbox to a pesronal folder (not on exchange) - accessible to all users

I would like to create a shared mailbox folder on the network to archeive emails. This personal folder will only be used for arching emails and visible to all outlook users. So when user recived an email on their private mailbox they just drag the email on to this shared mailbox. However this mailbox will be accessiable to all users via outlook but this i need to be a file server rather than on a exchange server. Is there a solution avaiable for this type of tasks?

The reason for us to do this is to stop increasing size of the exchange servers database.

Exchange 2003 Ent svr
Outlook 2003
XP Pro  
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This can't be done, well.

What is the problem with the exchange database?  How much data are we talking here?

Could something else apply, such as an archiving solution like GFI MailArchiver or Symantec Enterprise Vault?
akt-ukAuthor Commented:
exchange database is over 300gb and increasing daily. I'll check out the GFI MailArchiever and Symantec Enterprise Vault see if this fits our needs. Thanks for the info
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