Move SSL Certificate IIS Windows Server 2003

In IIS I have two sites (same machine).
1. The old site
2. The new site
The old site has been stopped and the new site started.
I want to move the SSL certificate from the old site to the new one, however, the Add, Remove and Edit buttons are unavailable in the new site's IIS manager and the SSL certificate appears in the older version of the site (even though this is stopped).
Both sites contain the same IP address and host header identifiers.

I am assuming that I just remove the SSL certificate from the older site and then the Add button should appear in the new site?

Any ideas on this would be much appreciated
Thanks in advance
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MTSDLAuthor Commented:
I have solved this problem using the following method.
The reason that none of the buttons were available (Add, Remove and Edit buttons) was because I had not added the SSL certificate to the new website!
The solution for the entire problem is...
1. Stop the old website
2. On the Directory Security tab in the IIS properties you need to click Server Certificate and then add the existing certificate to the site
3. Once you apply this you can then see the 443 port comes up on the "Web Site" tab of the IIS properties
4. Clicking Advanced on this tab now allows you to Add, Edit and Remove the SSL certificates
At the end of the day the problem was that I had not associated a server SSL certificate with the web site through the Server Certificate button!
Thanks for the comments, however we already knew that and the above comments are how we actually fixed the problem
SvenTech Lead Web-DevelopmentCommented:
Normaly this would ne the way to do it. You need to add port 443 as secure port to the new website to be able to add a certificate (greyed buttons will then be active)!
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