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I need to change the time on exchange 2003. when i set a time on the calendar in my company web to 8am, it shows up as 10am in my outlook when I link up to it.
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One thing to bear in mind is that Exchange stores all its times in GMT.  To see them in their correct time zones, the client software must be told which time zone to convert them to.  This means that you need to check the time zone setting in several places.  You need to make sure that the time zone setting on the OWA options page, and also the time zone setting in Outlook are the same.
Do you mean in Outlook Web Access?  You can set the Time Zone on the Options page.
sumners1960Author Commented:
When I add a item to the company web calander it is set to the correct time (8am), but when I push the "Link to Outlook" button at the top of the calander it changes the time to 11am when I look at it in Outlook 2007.
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