Keep on getting login dialog box when building app with IIS

I have an app that worked fine with forms authentication.  
I moved the website into the projects folder and amended the IIS virtual directory to point to this. (originally the website was as inetpub but I wanted to make it easier for sourcesafe).

Now when I run the app I keep on getting an IIS dialog login box?  What have I done wrong?  Here is my web.config

 <location path="~/Login.aspx">
        <allow users="*"/>

which has not changed

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Type25Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Few things...

Make sure ISUR & ASPNET has read access to your new folder
Make sure integrated authentication is NOT ticked
Make sure anonoymous access IS ticked

See if that makes any difference.
Make sure the same virtual directory setting are present even in this new vritual directory you created
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