NUnit Gui questions: How to output messages to the Console.Out or Trace Output tabs


How do I output messages to the Trace Output tab?  Also, what is the difference between "Trace Output" and "Internal Trace"?  What is the "Console.Error" tab used for.  I suspect to view errors but isn't that what the Assert....() is used for?

For example, I have something like this in my test:

Trace.WriteLine("trace line");
Debug.WriteLine("debug line");

but neither shows up in the NUnit Gui.

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It depends on what system you're using to run tests. I never encountered any problems using Visual Studio team system, now I'm using resharper unit runner - it's in some aspects even better - just open "output tab" - and see wahteve printed with "Debug.writeline or any assetts messages.
So, what system are you using ru run unit tests?

Try Console.WriteLine("console line ")  along with Debug.WriteLine("debug line");

and try to open different tabs in your test runner
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