Memory problem on win 2000 computer

I have Windows 2000 installed on a system and when running Microsoft Word for example
 a blue screen appears with the messages 'Emptying memory" . and I have to reboot the system

Can you please tell me the reason for this error? Could it be due to RAM or windows problem

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michkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could be hardware or software.

If all you want to test is the memory, memtest86 is a very good test.  You can get it here:

If you want to run other hardware tests, take a look at Ultimate Boot CD.

Make sure your system is virus and spy/adware free.  If you don't have an antivirus solution, AVG free edition is a good antivirus.  SuperAntiSpyware ( is a good spyware solution.

Also clean out extraneous files and fragments with CCleaner (  Run both its cleanup function and its registry cleaner.  Reboot.

Then check your hd for errors and run a defrag.

Let us know how that goes.
Check for virus.
Afterwards check with an updated
Sounds like a bad stick of memory to me. If you have a known good stick you can install it and see if the error continues.
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