Is agp 8 backward compatable to agp 4?

Is agp 8 backward compatable to agp 4?
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
AGP 3.0 is the standard for both 4X and 8X so, yes, any conforming 4x card ought to work in an 8x slot and vice versa.
More info:

yes it is ... but your AGP 8x card will run as AGP 4x
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
Hello worded,

In a word, yes. An AGP 8 will work on a motherboard for AGP 4, I have used it myself back when AGP 4's became hard to find. It was still working after 5 years when I donated the PC to a school.

It will still read as an AGP 4, but will work for any OS up to Vista, I have not tried it on a motherboard running Vista, I am running 2 PCI-E16x nVidia 8800's.
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Depends what you mean with backward compatibility. You can't connect an agp8 adapter to a mainboard which only supports agp4, but you can connect an agp4 adapter to an agp8 mainboard.
Maybe. If you're talking about putting an AGP 8 card in an AGP 4 slot, it might work, but there could be voltage or performance problems. AGP 8 works on 0.8 volts signal, while AGP 4X and 2X work on 1.5 volts signal. If  the AGP 8 can handle the additional voltage, it should be OK. Also, the card will only run at the speed of the AGP 4 slot it was in. A more definitive answer would depend on the specific AGP 8 card and motherboard in question.
This link should answer most of your questions 

I have never seen it not work. It will just clock back to x4

What video card do you have?

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