Internet Explorer 5/6/7 Security Zone settings explained?

I have been searching everywhere and I simply cannot find an answer to this question:

Where is the white paper/document that explains the individual settings for the security zones in Internet Explorer 5/6/7?

I want to make my own changes to the zones in an effort to better secure the browser. However, some of the entries are simply unclear to me. Example: Allow binary script behaviors. What the heck does that mean? I'm looking for an explanation of what each setting means, not necesarily a guide to the settings.

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I meant few resources....
sjc2237Author Commented:
I went with a "Good" rating, not because the answer wasn't helpful but it didn't contain all of what I'm after. This is the problem I've had. I can't find any REALLY in depth IE reference material. The information provided did give me a good starting point though.
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