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can i open a file created in quickbooks 2007 in quickbooks 2003 or it wouldn't work? I have some files created in 2007 but now i run quickbooks 2003 (2007 was only a trial version)

how do i gain access to my files
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souseranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you can't Save As an earlier version, you may be able to Export the data to an Excel Spreadsheet, and import that into the earlier version. Or, re-input the data if it's not too much.

See this QB article:

QuickBooks  Pro 2007: About exporting data to an Excel or CSV file


No. Historically, QuickBooks has not been backwards compatible.
billwhartonAuthor Commented:
so i'm guessing i'll have to get quickbooks 2007 installed on another computer, open the files and do a save as -> quickbooks 2003 file? Does it allow one to do this? (ms word, excel do allow)
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