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Getting Data off of a hard drive

Hi guys.

I have a 300 gb hard drive that will not power up .. The drive doesnt spin up and thus the drive is unrecognized in the bios and then the os. Now is ther any way i can pull data off this drive manually without sending it in to a data recover specialist?

I did try the hard drive in a few other computers to see if the bios can recognize there and of course i get nothing..Even tried usb attached external enclosure. Thx for any help
3 Solutions
If no power, then probably a problem with the circuit board.  You could find and identical drive, remove the circuit board from the drive and replace with the working one.  This will allow you to access the data if the board is the problem.
Otherwise, sending to a recovery house is the only other way.
you could try to open up your external drive and get the hard disk out of there. After you you can probably plug it in computer (assuming its a desktop) either with sata or IDE.
then you could get your data


http://www.datasavers.com/  restore data on drives in a Lab.

YOU CAN ALSO TRY PUTTING IT IN THE FRIDGE IN A Zip Lock bag overnight and see if it shows any signs of life.

If not, the 3 above services may be able to get the files off.

I hope this helps !
i have no recent info that replacing the logic board on the drive works (it did on older drives)
here info on how they did it :  http://www.deadharddrive.com/
and if the drive does not spin - no software can help recovering.
if you need a recovery Cy, i suggest this one :  http://www.gillware.com/      Good & cheap !
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