Exchange 03 hosting two domains need to pull one off to a new exchange 07

I have a 2003 standard server running 2003 Exchange server.  The server is hosting two domains and  I need to add an additional exchange server to handle, and leave the existing exchange server for  The new exchange server will be Exchange 2007.  Splitting these apart would be redirecting the MX records for to an additional public IP that we have and forwarding that traffic to the new server which will be handling  

Any suggestions and help on this would be appreciated.
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It depends on how you install your second Exchange server. Since you already have Exchange configured, I would assume you would install the Ex2007 machine into the same Exchange organization for ease of moving domain1 mailboxes across. If so, then there is no need to change any MX records or get a second IP, since mail will just arrive at the current Exchange server and Exchange will pass it over the LAN to the Ex2007 machine when it detects the recipient's mailbox (for domain1) is on that machine.

However, if you intend on running two separate Exchange organizations or permanently splitting up the two domains Exchange servers so they act separately, then you will need to split the MX records up or set up some sort of routing between the environments if you keep the same MX records. In this case, in would be much easier to simply change the MX records to point to a second IP which goes through to your Ex2007 server.

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Do you know of any material that I might read to preform this move?
Well, the Exchange 2007 installation is easy and provided you have the new server in the same domain it should pick up your existing organization just fine. Make sure you install into the existing organization, not a new organization, and you won't have a problem.

Once it's installed, you'll need to just wait a little while as things settle, then you can start the process of moving mailboxes across. Here's an explanation on doing that:

Provided there is always contact between the two servers, you could if you like still set up two MX records pointing to two external IPs. In this scenario, you have a simple load-balancing going on, since incoming mail will go to both Ex2003 and 2007. Exchange will then work out which server the mail needs to go to in order to be delivered and either deliver it or transfer to the other server across the LAN accordingly. This is done automatically with no intervention on your part. Your MX records if you did do this I would recommend having them both the same cost, although you could have one server with a higher preference than the other if you wish.

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