Lotus Domino 702 - I-Notes - HTTP - Set I-Notes Username/Password Logon


Could someone remond me how to get the base URL to bring up username/password window when accessing I-Notes. At the moment I have to specifiy full path to mail file.

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madheeswarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NeoI5theOneAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I had it setup on one of my servers but needed to setup on  another, couldn't remember how I did it.
Bad bad bad! The sandbox example is intended for R5.  R6/7/8 come with their own redirector, which is quite similar to the sandbox.  You should use the version that came with Domino. Look for the template IWAREDIR.NTF, create a database form it, use the Notes client to confirgure it (not complicated at all)

Suggestion: Set up the server's home URL to point to the redirect database, or create a redirect url for http://yourserver/mail pointing to the redirect database.
NeoI5theOneAuthor Commented:

Yep, I didn't use the Sandbox example but the redirector with Domino 7. But I just wanted reminded about the setup.
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