Broadband in Khartoum

We have aclient moving to Sudan (Khartoum). He is hoping ot get broadband and has asked us to help.
He mentioned Canar Wireless (3G) but woudl prefer ADSL.
Does such a service exist?
If not how can we best supply him with a wireless network, which integrates with the equipment from Canar Wireless, but allows his 3 laptops to use broadband, and preferably share the same printer.
He would like any equipment preconfigured before he goes out.
Of would each machine simply connect directly to the Canar service on 2.4GHz?

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grahamnonweilerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are a number of ISP's in Sudan - SudaTel - Sudan Telecoms ( note: Arabic only site),  SudaNet (, Canar Telecom ( and ZinaNet ( . Each of them provide Broadband and a various other type of Internet connections - with Sudan Telecom being the official Telcom provider in the country.

In all cases the service has to be applied for and paid for in Sudan itself - you will not be able to do anything from outside the country.

However, A/DSL standards in Sudan folow the same topolgy as Europe - therefore routers etc. confirgured for a standard PPPoA/LLC European ADSL connection will work as soon as the "Username" and "Password" are changed on site.

A 3G connection from Canar Telecom is not a "2.4Ghz wireless" connection - it is a HSPDA/UTMS 3G connection and is priced based on bandwidth usage as opposed to speed of connection. With 3 people sharing it will become very (and I mean very) expensive. If you do what to use this type of connection D-Link and LinkSys produce "3G Routers" - that require both a SIM card and compatible PCMIA card.
rutlandictAuthor Commented:
Cannot see from any of their websites that any offer ADSL broadband as opposed to mobile data or 56k dialup.

Not that you can solve this but both published email addresses on one website get rejected - mailbox full -even the webmaster! Does not inspire confidence.

Will try phoning the one with the arabic only website - sudatel.
ADSL and leased lines are only available to genuine businesses and a select few consumers in certain areas Khartoum. In all honesty unless you have someone in country that can "talk" to the ISP's you will not get far with your inquiries.
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