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I currently have 3 IBM servers that have data to be backed up and will most likely be adding two more in the next 12 months. The total amount of data being backup up now 350gb and I can easily see this growing to over 500gb in the next year. I have looked at an IBM drive that has a 800gb native capacity but the sticker shocked nearly killed me at almost $5000. What tape drive manufacturers do you prefer? I realize that a lot of them are really Seagates relabeled.
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David WallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are going to do them across network to one tape then you are looking at something of the order of what you are talking about and probabaly something from Quantum (they seem to  have bought most tape manufacturers  (certance which was seagate before it) and they rebadge for lots of OEM's such as HP.

Personally I would try finding two drives that would allow you to split the workload and give you a fall back position.

So instead of one LTO3 or 4 go for perhaps SDLT's. though remember that the top quoted figure is only hyperthetical so 400/800 drive is likely to max out around the 600 mark in everyday use.
David WallCommented:
Sorry meant to say I was quite keen on Quantum as a rule, Tandberg (Exabyte that was) I have had ok results with not keen on Sony.

andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just to point out that HP don't badge Quantum LTOs, you can see that by the specs being different in things like speed. They do badge Quantum's DLTs though.
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dovidmichelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IBM, HP, & Quantum all make LTO drives, DLT are all Quantum.

In this case going with a LTO3 (in spite of the price) sounds like a good fit.
How about this one:
TS2230 Express model 3580L3E
Starting from $3,395*
comteksoAuthor Commented:
Yes, the TS2230 is the one I am looking at now. I will probably do as WallD suggested and keep two drives. I'll replace the smallest one with the 400gb native drive and then as my 100gb native reaches capacity I'll upgrade it sometime next year.

$3395 is a bit steep, I would speak to a reseller and point out that HP have $650 off their LTO3s and then IBM will probably give them a big discount for you.
comteksoAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have already been quoted $2000 for that drive from IBM direct.
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