Share Outlook Inbox Sub Folder.

I have a user running Outlook XP and wants to share the Inbox "Sub Folders" only.
For Testing purpose i have created a new sub folder in his Inbox "Test" and from properties i've shared the the folder with "Editor" Permission for specific user.
From users computer i have opened the via File --> Other's Users Folders -->  Users Inbox.
The problem is, I can view Only the "INBOX" folder and not the sub folder.

I just want to view the Sub folders and NOT "Inbox".

Please help.
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microservo75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Obviusly you have to use Exchange server mail.(or you have to use an external software to share folders)

From users computer you have to modify the Exchange Profile (in "E-mail Accounts" menu, Change, More Settings, Advanced, ) you have to add and Additiona Mailbox with the name of the mail that you want to access.

From the mailbox to share you can set the rights for each folder and subfolder that you want to share. (you can set the kind of rights, or hide a folder and subfolder..)

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