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How do I check my hardware raid config

I have just come into a role, and have a few windows servers showing two physical hard drives plus under disk management they show 1 .how can I know what exactly the hardware Raid Configuration is. Obviously without powering down.
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I don't know of a way without powering down... one guess you could make is based on how many hard drives are physically connected to the RAID controller.

Check out this site for some more details:

andyalderSaggar makers bottom knockerCommented:
There may be a manufacturer utility that runs under your OS but first look in device manager under SCSI and RAID controllers to see which controller you have.
The easiest way is to use RAID configuration software which may have come with the servers from your supplier, I know both HP and Dell provide windows software from which you can log in and check.

"showing two physical hard drives plus under disk management they show 1"

From this I will assume that your servers have 2 drives showing as one, if you have more the following wont work. There are only 2 common RAID setups which can use as few as 2 drives, RAID 0 and RAID 1. Usually, if these servers are in production use, they will be setup as RAID 1. The way to get a better idea, again this only works in 2 disk RAID setups, is to simply look up the capacities on the physical drives (should be printed on the front) and then look at windows disk management  and see how large the volume is.
If the volume is the same size (or close) to the size of one of the drives, you have RAID 1, if the volume is the same size as both drives combined, you have RAID 0.

With the servers in a production environment it would (normally) not be a good idea to be using RAID 0

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