URGENT! Add a printer to a server

I have a local printer on one server called FAX, when I look it up in the registry it is using the Windows NT Fax Driver FAXDRV.DLL. when  double click on the printer in the control panel the title shows Fax Queue.  Please help, I want this same "printer" on another server! How do I get it there?  I've tried registry exports, looking things up on the net, nothing is working!!  I know this is a standard Windows 2000 driver but I cant for my life find anything like that when I add a printer! PLEASE HELP!
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David WallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If i remeber correctly the driver comes automatically when you start the fax service, somewhere there is an option to install faxing , in XP its in priner setup as  an option to below install printer cant remeber where it is in 2000 , not near a 2k box.
David WallCommented:
I thimk you also need to have a fax enable modem in the machine.....
dbguy2626Author Commented:
Is that modem a requirement?? is there a way around it?  And how do I start the fax service?It's a Win 2k Server..
David WallCommented:
Many thanks, I assume you found how to start the service.

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