Dual boot Mac using Boot Camp experiencing network issues within XP

We have a user running a dual boot Mac using Boot Camp with OSX and XP.  The user is able to connect to the exchange server and use the Cisco VPN client when outside the network from the OSX boot, but cannot connect via RPC-over-http to exchange or successfully connect to the network using the Cisco VPN client while operating inside the XP boot.

Any ideas on where to begin to resolve the XP boot networking issues?  
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terminalbAuthor Commented:
No solution offered.  
If you use VPN client, you don't need the RPC over Http. Try connecting to VPN and configure outlook without http
terminalbAuthor Commented:
Well, neither the VPN nor RPC work independently.  The user is not attempting to use the VPN to connect to exchange, he is using the VPN for file access on the office server.  Separately, he cannot resolve the exchange server via RPC over http.

The VPN client won't communicate to the point of asking for credentials and when accessing Outlook the user receives the exchange server unavailable error.
i want to shadow some points over here
first is bootcamp is still an application running onto mac so the connection might have still some issue
I am using boot camp as well but one thing to bear in mind is the network connection should not be considered separately from the mac os as the same machine i.e for example is like running linux live cd from windows is same like running windows from mac so nw settings you need to look on it as well disable the firewall of windows as its causing isses as well.
let me know if you succedd
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