Palm Tungsten T3 data was lost - can I recover it from the T3?

I own a Palm Tungsten T3.  On a recent trip, after going through the metal detector at the airport, my T3 had none of my information on it when I looked at it.  It was and still is like a machine that has never had any data entered on it.  I don't know if the tiny button on the back was pushed or what happened.  I cannot sync it with my work computer because they changed the ID of my work computer since I first synced with it and now the T3 does not recognize my computer.  I had a password program on it called Passwork Plus but of course none of that information was backed up to it because it would not recognize my computer at work.  I synced it with my computer at home, as the secondary computer as far as the T3 is concerned, but that data is not current.  The home computer has none of the password information on it.  Can I get the data I had on the T3 back by somehow recovering it from the T3 drive?  I run the Palm OS on the T3 and Windows XP on both the work and home computers.
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Jim P.Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The Palm doesn't have a hard drive, it is all "RAM". When it is fried, it is gone.

Could the company have deleted your sync software? You should be able to download it from

But if the info on your workstations isn't current, then it is gone.

Jim P.Commented:
There's a folder on your machine that matches whatever you called your T3. Copy it back onto your T3 and you should be ok.
scott8083Author Commented:
jimpen - thanks for the advice, found the folder on my laptop but it was not updated with the handheld info for a long time (not since may 2005).  this was due to the company changing something on my computer and then the palm would not recognize it and therefore not sync with it.  my company has a contract with blackberry and therefore will not give me support for the palm T3.  the info i need is on the T3 - not on my laptop computer that it would not sync with.  is there a way to get the info that is on the handheld T3 to be restored other than from my laptop or another computer?  i understand that information written to a drive is not necessarily erased until it is written over?  i have googled and been unsuccessful at finding anything that can help me.
Jim P.Commented:
Sorry I couldn't give you better news.

May all your days get brighter and brighter.
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