Clients loose connection to server 2003

I have a new Enterprise Server 2003 R2 SP2 installation. Something in DNS is not configured right, but I do not know what it is. My XP clients, after a certain amount of time (like if they did not log off before they went home), will loose connection with the server and will not restore until the client is logged off/on, and sometimes they have to reboot. I thought that it was a typo when I set up AD (using when I meant domain.local) So I built another server using a different domain name to trouble shoot. The same thing happens on that domain. I read a trouble shooting time here that suggested that the DNS server was not pointing to itself as the primary DNS server. The only place I can find to set this is in the TCP settings for the NIC. Do I have to remove DNS and then re-add it?
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Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
No you don't need to remove DNS.

The DNS server should indeed however point to itself as preferred DNS server. This is set in the TCP/IP properties of the NIC.

Set the preferred DNS server to point to the servers on IP. - The alternate DNS server should be blank. Set it and it will sort itself out.

BTW. All clients should also use the the windows DNS server as the preferred DNS server and again the alternate DNS server should be blank - unless you have multiple windows DNS servers in your domain.
DasGoatAuthor Commented:
All is set as you suggest, how ever, connection is still dropping. How log does it take to "sort it self out" after those changes are made? Also, do you know why Windoes had the DNS server on the NIC set to I certainly didn't set it like that.
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