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I currently use printkey 2000 on a large number of pc's.
I'm looking for an alternative to this program because of intermittant errors when printing screenshots.
Needs to be free, configurable so that the print screen key opens the active window only for printing and also the option to inverse colors.
If someone wants to take a stab at the error, I'll see if I can get a copy of that.
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:

this is another greatone using for years and it's free
mcrosslandAuthor Commented:
Here is the error that I'm getting.  I'd like some input on that also before I simply do away with the program.
PrintKey 200 v5.10
Access violation at address 00447B70 in module 'PRINTK~1.EXE. Read of address 00000004.
I usually use Ctrl+Alt+PrntScrn to copy the active window onto the clipboard then open either paint or MS Word to paste from clipboard.  Ctrl+PrntScrn will capture the entire screen.  This only works in Windows.

Hope this helps.
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